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Aerial - Mouth of the Miami River, adjacent

Every thriving city has a good landform feng shui.

Miami downtown is rising as the next global city. Why?...

...To the feng shui oblivious, jobs, weather, beaches, lifestyle are some of the main reasons.

But to a Landform Feng Shui (read below) knowledgeable, there’s always an auspicious feng shui setting somewhere in the area attracting life.

Landform feng shui is a lesser-known branch of this discipline, but the one that accounts for most of the benefits. It assesses and searches for potentially prosperous land or properties.

I call it Real Estate Feng Shui because it allows me to assess the economic potential of a land or property.

Chinese Emperors used this practice to locate land for their palaces and capitals with the aspiration to grow power, wealth and health; and burial places, so they can have prosperous descendants.

Examples of prosperous feng shui lands that grew from tiny hamlets into global cities are New York, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai, Rome, just to name a few.  

Population chart of Greater Downtown Miami by DDA

Miami downtown is about to become a global city

The population of Downtown Miami has grown more than a hundred percent in 16 years from 2000 to 2018. (see graph)  This increase in population was mainly due to migration.  Most of them are young professionals 25 years old or older.  

Growing cities with wealth have always attracted the younger more mobile population.

There are a lot of things happening in Miami.

Stunning skyscrapers of luxury condominiums are being built in every corner of downtown Miami, particularly at Brickell. High-end malls are making their appearances in this city. Upgrades to transportation is moving toward a pedestrian-friendly city.  Now you can take a train from downtown Miami to West Palm Beach, and soon to Orlando airport.  No car needed.

The port of Miami has made changes to the depth of its water to receive the Panamex, a maritime vessel with a larger cargo. Before, Miami port only received smaller container vessels.  Now, it can trade with the world.

In sum, there are many economical reasons why Miami is growing; but for a landform feng shui-trained individual, there’s always the idea that there must be an auspicious feng shui setting somewhere in the area attracting life, first, and bringing all these human activities, second.

It is the ideal geographic conditions that makes a region prosper.  It entices people to settle for longer term in a place to grow culture and wealth.

Furthermore, finding sites with good feng shui constitutes opportunities for long term real estate investment.  

Just Imagine the profit of investing in these places at early times.  If only one knew...




Where is this prosperous FENG SHUI located in Miami?

A prosperous feng shui location ideally should have mountains and water.  

But Miami landscape has always been associated with flat land, beaches, and ocean.

Thames river map in london

Nevertheless, flat land cities with river can still grow opulently. Take the city of London as an example. The city is traversed by a winding Thames river. (see map) To the feng shui knowledgeable, winding rivers are desirable for its wealth building characteristics. In feng shui parlance, water rules finances.



In case there’s any doubt, notice that London still commands the world of finance, at least to set the daily price of precious metals.  Moreover, the city is the headquarter of many important worldwide financial institutions.

Miami river map by Biscayne bay

Miami river follows similar feng shui configuration as the Thames river; except that it winds only in the last 1/2 mile before it converges with Biscayne Bay.

Therefore, Miami prosperous feng shui lands rest on both sides of the river bank, including the south shore of Brickell Point. That is, the portion of Miami river east of highway I-95 - all the way until its waters converge with Biscayne Bay. (see map)




Relying in the history of the area tell us whether this was a popular site that attracted and provided an ecosystem for wildlife and humans to grow and prosper.

Brickell Point, or Miami Circle - as it was recently named - is a site of archaeological findings.  Tequesta Indians, a paleo-indian culture, had been living here for a while. Radiocarbon dating of artifact found in this place has detected human occupation for more than 2,000 years ago.

Proving this site to be a very popular place since two millennia ago.

In terms of wealth display, look no further than Brickell Avenue, which lies parallel to the south shore of Brickell point.  It has been named: “Millionaires row” since the early 20th century for a reason.  Houses belonging to millionaires, politicians, celebrity professionals have always existed there.

They’ve been replaced today by stylish high-rise luxury condominiums.  Notice also the conglomeration of financial institutions in this same row. Reminding us that water rules finances; as in London.

Hence, wealth has always been in this feng shui area from the start.

And this is just the beginning. The city will grow centrifugally from this area. (see photo below)

Photo of the future skyline of Brickell.  A Proposal of future buildings.

This is the future skyline of Brickell. Courtesy Brickell magazine.


Miami is growing at a fast-paced towards becoming a global city.  

For a Landform Feng Shui-trained individual, there’s always a good feng shui setting - or real estate feng shui - somewhere that explains it.

In Miami, we find it in the river banks of the last ½ mile stretch of Miami River until it meets with Biscayne Bay.

Historically, Brickell point, also called Miami circle, has been witness to human activities for more than a couple of thousand years ago.  Confirming that this is a good feng shui area.

Culture and wealth continue growing until these days, and towards the future - as we evidence in the photos presented in this post. Offering an interesting opportunity for long-term real estate investment in Miami now.

In the next post, I’ll be presenting three new luxury condominium developments located in this described area of Miami downtown.

They’ll be analyzed from the real estate feng shui point of view.  



Copyright 2018 Lilly Lei, M.D.

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