Aston Martin Residences MiamiSuccess is a matter of being in the right place, at the right time and executing the right action.

This summarizes the story of the development of Aston-Martin-residences.

In a competitive bidding to purchase the land, the developers of Aston Martin residence won.  They paid $125 million for 1.25 acre. That is, 100 million dollars per acre  for a real estate in Downtown Miami.

Insane considered by the average soul, but totally worth it for people who strive for the best of the best. It was the right action. Why?  This is the last waterfront property in Miami with such a spectacular view.

Still, there’s more than meets the eyes.  From the feng shui perspective, top dollars went to pay for first-row access to life energy force - called Qi in Chinese.

To appreciate the value paid for the property, two important concepts need to be present.  They are: Principles of feng shui and the effect of Qi on humans.


Central Park, New York CityA feng shui compliant area is defined as good access to Qi. Superb feng shui is frequently related to areas of growth and wealth.

For example, the location of the feng shui compliant area in New York City is around Central Park.  It happens that this is also the most expensive real estate in the city (see photo).

Kensington Garden, London
Likewise, the compliant feng shui area and expensive real estate in London are around Kensington Garden.

Wusong River, ShanghaiHigh-end real estate in Shanghai clusters around the confluence of two rivers: the Wusong River and the Huangpu River.  This area called by the locals as The Bund has an excellent feng shui setting.

The Wusong river delta is shown in the background of the photo.


Merging of Singapore River into Marina BayThe feng shui compliant area in Singapore is at the merging of Singapore River into Marina Bay. Again, here is where the most expensive real estate is.

As you can see, all these mentioned areas have in common is a good feng shui setting.  That is, a good access to Qi, and they all command high real estate.

Superb Feng Shui is frequently related to areas of growth and wealth.

A coincidence? No. In Asia, wealthy people know enough about the effects of a good feng shui.  They normally consult with feng shui practitioners about their affairs. It’s their culture.

How about the wealthy Westerners, do they know about feng shui?
Before information about feng shui arrived in the US, wealthy individuals already existed.
So, No, Westerners did not know about it.
Their mindset and intention are what draw them to these areas to build their visions.
It’s intuitive. It's the law of attraction: a psycho-electromagnetic phenomenon. A different kind of life attitude.  It’s feng shui.


Let’s now analyze Aston-Martin-residences property location from the feng shui point of view to understand the price paid by the developers.

Aston Martin Residences Miami Horizon Aerial  Aston Martin Residences Miami view from bay

Waterfront properties are highly sought out by feng shui practitioners and wealth-seekers.
The reason is twofold:

    1. Water store and transport Qi,
    2. The effect of Qi on humans.

The Effect of Qi (Life Energy)Everything is Energy

Prolonged exposure to Qi in humans promote health, wealth and culture. (read The effect of QI).
Abundant Qi flow accelerates the endeavors of a wealth and/or health seeker.  The wealthy get wealthier. The healthy get healthier.
The effect of Qi is not the purpose of this post, but I included a separate brief explanation here.

Nevertheless, this knowledge is embedded in Asian culture.  If you ask anyone, they’d relate a good feng shui to wealth and health. 


The future location of Aston-Martin-residences complies with two principles of classical feng shui: (Aston-Martin-residences is slated for delivery in 2021).

    1. Close to a Qi source (or mouth)
    2. Conforms to external location of water

Let me explain the first point.
From the feng shui perspective, the Qi source is at the confluence of two bodies of water. Either two rivers. a river into a bay or ocean.
The property will sit in front of the confluence between Miami River and Biscayne Bay (see map).
The flow of the river into the bay forms a whirlpool of Qi right in front of the building.
Since this property is the closest to it, it’s the first one to enjoy the available Qi.
Furthermore, the possibility for mega-yachts to dock in front of the property is a sign of deep waters. Meaning, a higher concentration of Qi is present in deep waters and available to their residents.

Aston Martin Residences Miami Orientation Analysis

Second point.  The location of water in relation to the property is in the right direction and time.
For external water (natural or man-made) to be effective in classical feng shui, it has to obey specific directions and time periods.  So, from the year 2004 to 2043, water should be in the East, Southwest, Southeast and/or North direction.
Aston-Martin-residences has water located on their property in the E, SW and SE direction (see map).

Unless there is a severe climate change altering the geography, this is a good feng shui setting for the time being.



The value of Aston-Martin-residences property derives from its feng shui compliance.
It sits in front of a “whirlpool” of Qi. The location of water in relation to the future building conforms to the principle of feng shui. These two aspects of feng shui compliance will provide the future residents with constant and abundant exposure to Qi.

So, would you pay 125 million dollars for 1.25 acre in Downtown Miami to realize your visions and dreams? The developers did!


 Aston-Martin-residences is not for everyone.
It’s for the 1% type of thinking.
The “nonsensical”, the crazy ones,  the wealthy ones.
The ones that strive for the best of the best.

I bet you’re still not convinced...
Contact us to pay a visit to the area and explore the effect of Qi on yourself.

How to Feel the Qi 

How to know if you're exposed to high Qi Flow

 For details of the building and amenities, go to the website: Aston Martin residences

 Lilly Lei, M.D.


Another wonderful visit to Aston Martin Miami with two of my feng shui team REALTOR® from RE/MAX United Realty.

Another wonderful visit to Aston Martin with two of my Feng Shui team REALTORĀ® from RE/MAX United Realty


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